Which countries get the contracts?


The datasets are available as open data and are thus free for everyone to download and use. See the about page for more information on how we retrieved the data.

The data was last updated on 2019/11/08.

You can download and explore the datasets at our data portal https://data.openstate.eu/dataset/open-multilaterals, or click the links below:

Description of fields

Fields available in all four datasets

All datasets have other fields available as well, but they are often specific to each dataset. Regarding the World Bank data: we combined both the corporate procurement contract award and major contract awards data in the chart and table at the home page of this website. Some of the columns are unique to each dataset and are thus empty in the table. Award Date, Commodity Category, WBG Organization, Selection Number, Fund Source, VPU description, Contract Award Type are unique to the corporate procurement contract awards dataset. The field Supplier Country Code is common to both. The rest of the fields are unique to the major contract awards dataset.